• For decades we have honed our cutting edge,
  • and it shows.
  • We can offer you the best paper for the job.
  • To reflect your esteem for the reader,
  • to reflect your stance in life.
  • It spells achievement. Adds value.
  • It will always be the medium of choice.
It is a great privilege to welcome you as a guest of our website.

At Xenpax, we have been striving for perfection for decades now...
and this is reflected through all our activities.

It has always been our passion to create and to share...
to create new ideas
to create original opportunities.

To share growth and profitability!
To share knowledge!

And it is also a privilege to be involved in the management of the very knowledge- and information carrier: paper.

We have gone one edge further and combined it with service: tailored service.

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